Monday, May 11, 2009

dreaming reality..

sooooo.. it has been quite some time since i last said something on here. first of all i just want to say something about my sweetheart mandy allen. she is just so awesome.. and amazing and beautiful and sweet and everything i can think of. we resently parted ways.. again. ha. it was pretty sad. the second goodbye was more of a goodbye for two years than the third one was but thats ok. i just miss her so much and i could go on and on about her. she is in washington selling living scripture dvds which is so stupid i think sometimes but its good for her. i just miss my sexy love ha. lots.. i think about her all the time. probably more than she does me. i know its more than she does me.. i just cant help it. shes that amazing. i cant believe i wont be able to hold her in my arms again for two years.. or hold her soft hands. or tickle her haha.. thats fun too. even though she hates it. MANDY I MISS YOU.. whaa... :(

other than a huge part of me leaving ive been having some adventures. i just went to california for a week road trippin in the buick! she ran like a champ in case anyone is wondering. that was quite the fun trip and if i knew how to post picures on here i would but im too lazy to try to figure it out. im surprised im even writing this but i just know mandy likes when i blog so i am. so california was fun.. matt threw up all over my car.. so i threw up all over his garbage can.. ha. thats a small taste of how memorable that trip was. good times...

i am currently in florida with my family on a little trip. TODAY I SWAM WITH MANATEES. in the wild. it was pretty crazy and i was kinda scared.. it wasnt at like some zoo where you pay money to swim with them it was in the wild kids.. and there were possibly alligators in the water too and i couldnt see anything in the water it was so muddy but i had to take the opportunity to swim with the creatures that i love so much ha. i never touched one unfortunately.. i was too hesitant and scared and i those things are fast little HUGE buggers. but i was probably like 10 feet or less to some in the water at times. it was just awesome. also i saw a rocket launch today at the NASA space center. it was pretty whack.. freakin awesome. you cant be within 3 miles of it.... or else you will like die.. thats how big of an explosion it is. it was awesome to see. and after that we went to the beach and attempted to surf and boogy board and while i was in the water i kept thinking about sharks and it sucked. but it was fun. so far on this trip we have caught: a lizard, 2 frogs, small crab and seen: alligators, large crabs, weird prehistoric looking crab?, manatees, sharks, crazy looking birds with long faces, and.... hmm.. i think thats it. lots of wild life here in florida.

in closing i just want to say holy crap.. im leaving on a mission in like 3 weeks and in no way do i feel prepared or qualfied to do so.. im so scared but i know its what i need to be doing. my farewell is this sunday.. scary and weird to think about. and also mandy my sexy love. i just miss you so incredibly much i dont think you can even begin to comprehend. well tomorrow im going to disneyworld so i better get my rest.. fare thee well bloggers. ill be back.. i think? well find out i guess. oh and p.s. my track team is leaving to texas for the conference championships tomorrow.. :( man that sucks. mandy dear. your amazingly wonderfully beautiful and awesome my sweet

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  1. you saw sharks! oh man.. and add armadillo to your list.

    i miss you tooo, soo much. and i'm so extremely, unmeasurably sad i can't make it to your farewell :'( if megan wasn't sitting right here i'd probably start to cry.